History of the Name Maredudd

The Maredudd name is the masculine form of the Welsh name and surname, Meredith. This interesting yet rare name was often used by high authorities in Wales, mostly princes and kings.
Some of the famous figures possessing this name included Maredudd ab Owain (king of Wales in the 10th century), Maredudd ap Gruffydd (prince in Southwest Wales), Maredudd ap Bleddyn (king of eastern Wales) and many more.

What was the meaning of this unique name?

Because Maredudd is a derivative of Meredith, the meaning of Maredudd is generally determined to be “great chief.” Other possible meanings, for the male derivative of Meredith, include “great lord” or even “sea lord.”


The popularity of Maredudd was at its peak from the 11th century up into 13th century Wales. This was roughly in the days of the time period where the language, Middle Welsh, was prevalent, which were the years between 1150-1300s. In the present day, Maredudd is a quite a rare name.

Variations of the Name

Maredud, with one ending ‘d’ instead of two, was a common alternate spelling of the name. Much earlier variants of this name include “Mredydd” and “Meredydd.”

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