Meaning and Origin of the Name Martyn

The name Martyn, predominately considered a Welsh or Ukrainian variant of the given name Martin, is based on the Latin Martinus.

The meaning of Martyn is said to be “warrior of Mars.” Mars, in this context, is understood to refer to the Roman God of War and Fertility. The name Martyn could also be translated as “war-like” or the more general “warrior” or simply “of Mars.”


Generally considered fairly rare, the first name Martyn did not appear in 100 most popular boys names in Wales in 2013. The popularity of Martyn is considerably less than the more common spelling of the name, Martin. The name has experience periods of popularity when all variants are considered. Most recently, interest in the name spiked in the 1960s though has since declined in popularity.

Martin is considered a fairly common surname with a strong presence in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and others. As a surname, is carries the same meaning as when used as a given name.

Famous People with the 1st Name Martyn

Some famous person’s with the name include the Welsh international rugby player Martyn Williams, the singer song writer Martyn Joseph and Martyn Margetson a Welsh footballer.

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