Meaning of the Name Medwyn

Medwyn is a Welsh boy’s name. The meaning of Medwyn translates as “strong friend”.

Variants of the Name

Variants of the name Medwyn include Medwin, Medwynne, Maden, Matyn, Medwenne, and Medwinn.

Medwyn’s Popularity

Despite the wide-ranging variation in the name, Medwyn placed nowhere within the 100 most popular names in the last census of 2014.
Famous or Important People with the Name Medwyn

Famous People with the Name Medwyn

Below are several people, real or fictional, with this particular name:

  • Saint Medwyn. A Welsh saint whose feast day falls on January 1st.
  • Medwyn Williams MBE FNVS. An 11-time Welsh winner of Chelsea Flower Show’s gold medal for his vegetables.
  • Medwyn Goodall. A New Age musician with over 75 albums to his name.
  • Terence “Terry” Cameron Medwin. An former Welsh footballer under the position of winger.
  • Cameron Medwin. A Canadian footballer under the position of defender.
  • Michael Hugh Medwin OBE. An English thespian and film producer.
  • Medwyn is the name of a character within Lloyd Alexander’s “Chronicles of Prydain,” as well as the name of that character’s valley homeland.

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