Origin and Meaning of the Name Meilyr

Meilyr means ‘chief ruler’ or ‘man of iron’ in welsh. It carries a connotation of strength and leadership. Those who carry this name should be proud of its meaning.


What about the popularity of Meilyr? According to Babynology, Meilyr was ranked 4,805 in 2012, which makes this name quite unique.

How to pronounce Meilyr?

Meilyr is a Welsh boys name with a rich history and meaning associated with it. One of the first questions that comes to mind with this name is how to pronounce Meilyr? In English, it is pronounced ‘My-Ler’.

Famous People with the Name

The name Meilyr is associated with some profound figures in history. One such figure was Meilyr Brydydd. He was a poet who was noted for his intensity and depth of feeling.

Although composing during 1055 – 1137, his works have survived down to this day. Another example is Meilyr Jones. He is a modern English musician who has toured with great acts like Richard Hawley.
If your looking for a unique name that has deep meaning, Meilyr is a great option!

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