Meaning and Origin of the Name Meirion

The name Meirion is a Welsh name for a boy. The traditional name  is derived from the old country of Merionethshire which was located in North West Wales .

Some say that since it starts with an M, it tends to be a name for a boy who is very hardworking and physical as that it what the letter M stands for. It means manly as well.


The popularity of Meirion isn’t very popular, not making the top 100 chart of baby boy names in Wales (2014), but that makes it perfect when looking for a unique name of Welsh origin.

Famous People with the Name

A couple of famous people who bare the name Meirion are Meirion Jones and Meirion Pennar.

  • Meirion Jones is a British journalist who won the London Press Awards Scoop of the Year in 2013.
  • Meirion Pennar was a Welsh poet and academic.
  • Also, there is Rhys Meirion who is a Welsh opera and classical singer.

How to Pronounce Meirion

How to pronounce Meirion is May-rhy-ahn. It is similar in pronunciation to the name Marion.


Meirion could be the perfect name if you’re looking for a name that is unique, traditional, and masculine. Also Feminine alternatives for the name Meirion include Meirien and Meirina.

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