Meaning and Origin of Merfyn (Mervyn)

The name Merfyn/Mervyn is a Welsh boy’s name along with also being a surname.

The name can have different meanings depending on the nationality. In the Welsh culture the name is a variation of the name Myrddin or more commonly known as the name Merlin which means a person from the sea fortress. In America the name Mervyn now means famous friend.


Although, Mervyn isn’t considered a popular name. It didn’t even make it onto the most popular boy names back in 2013 in Wales. However, does have a rich history in Wales and in the United States.

The history of Mervyn can be dated all the way back to the 8th century in Wales, with the ruling of King Merfyn Frych.

Famous People Called Mervy

There are other notable individuals who have had the name throughout the years. These include famous individuals such as Mervyn Jones; a historian and broadcator along with Merv Griffin, a notable talk show host and game show producer.

Variations of the Name

Variations on the name Mervyn have a history all their own these include Merfyn, Merlin and Mervin. The most notable nickname for the name is of course Merv.

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