Name Cai

The Name Cai

Cai is a Welsh boy’s name and it is particularly popular with parents looking for a name for their child.

Meaning/Origin of the Name

Cai was one of Arthur’s 2 faithful companions. Cai was thought to have magical powers.

Popularity of the Name

Cai was the 48th most popular baby boy’s name in Wales in the latest study making Cai the 12th most popular Welsh boy’s name. Cai is also a common Chinese surname.

Famous People Called Cai

  • Cai Griffiths is a London Irish rugby player who previously played for the Ospreys.
  • Cai Brigden is an actor who has starred in the TV series Casualty.

There are not too many famous people called Cai, if you know of anyone who we’ve missed post your suggestions at the bottom of this page.


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