Name Jac

The Boy’s Name Jac

Meaning of the Name

Jac is the Welsh spelling for the boy’s name Jack. Jac can also be a shortened version of the female name Jacqueline.

Popularity of Jac

Jac is the 40th most popular baby name in Wales in 2011 according to the office of National Statistics. Making it the 8th most popular Welsh boy’s name. The English spelling of the name was the 3rd most popular name in England and Wales in the same survey.

Pronunciation of Jac

Exactly the same as Jack.

Famous People Called Jac

Unfortunately, we can find any famous people with the boy’s name Jac. We’re sure this will change over the next few years with the popularity of the name. Let us know if you know of any famous people with the name Jac. Post your comments below.


If you are considering Jac as a name for your baby see our comprehensive list of Welsh boy’s names.

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