Name Owen

The Name Owen

Owen is a popular Welsh boy’s name. On this page you will learn about the meaning of the name, it popularity as a baby’s name and also which famous people have the first name Owen.

Meaning of the Name Owen

Owen is a variation of the Welsh name Owain which means ‘well born’.

Popularity of the Name

The name Owen is a popular baby’s name not only in Wales but also in England. According to the lastest goverment statistics in 2011, Owen was the 41st most popular name in Wales and the 72nd most popular name in England. Making Owen one of the few Welsh boy’s names popular in both countries.

Famous People with the Name Owen

Here is a list of a few famous people / celebrities with the name Owen:

  • Owen Wilson – is an American actor who starred in Hollywood blockbusters such as Starsky and hutch and Meet the Fockers
  • Owen Hargreaves – is a professional footballer who play’s or Manchester city.
  • Owen James Heart – is was a professional wrestler.

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