Welsh Boys Names E – L

Here is the our list of Welsh boy’s names starting with the  letters E and L.

You’ll find Welsh name like Elgan, Gareth, Gethin, Iwan and much more. If you know of other Welsh boy’s names that deserve to be included in our list post your names and meanings (if known) at the bottom of this page.

Name Description Popularity
Edryd Means in Welsh descent or restoration *
Edwyn Welsh form of Edwin **
Efrog Welsh meaning of York *
Eifion Old Welsh name, son of Cunedda *
Eirwyn Mean white snow in Welsh *
Elfyn Bardic name *
Elgan Means bright circle in Welsh *
Elgar Name originating in Drefelgarn in Pembrokeshire *
Elis The Welsh form name of the Greek name Elias **
Elwyn A form of Alwyn *
Emlyn A place in Dyfed **
Emrys The Welsh form name of the Greek name Ambrosius **
Emyr Variant of Ynyr ***
Eurion From the Welsh word ‘aur’ gold *

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Fychan Meaning small in Welsh *
Gareth Form of Garaint or ‘gwaraidd’ meaning civilised ****
Garth Form of Gareth or ridge *
Gawain Welsh form of Gavin *
Geraint From a latin origin meaning old ****
Gerallt Welsh form of Old German words for Spear and Rule *
Gerwyn Meaning rough and white *
Gethin From the Celtic  word Cethin meaning ‘dusky’. Also knight of Owain Glyndwr *****
Glanmor From the words glan (clean) and mor (great) *
Glyn Short form of Glynd^wr *****
Glynd^wr Means vale of water (d^wr). A hero in Welsh history **
Goronwy Was a poet from Anglesey **
Griff From Gruffudd *
Gruffudd From Griphuid – the lords strong grip **
Gruffydd A form of Gruffudd **
Guto A form of Gruffudd **
Gwallter Welsh form of Walter *
Gwaun Means heath in Welsh *
Gwenallt Unknown *
Gwent County in South Wales *
Gwern From the Mabinogi *
Gwili A river in Carmarthenshire *
Gwilym The Welsh form of William ***
Gwion Childhood name of Taliesin *
Gwri The name of Teyrnon’s adopted son in Welsh mythology *
Gwydion A magician from the Mabinogi *****
Gwyn Means white or fair ***
Gwyndaf Was a Celtic saint ***
Gwynfor Means great white **
Gwynlais River in Glamorgan *
Harri Welsh form of Harry ****
Hedd Mean peace in Welsh *
Hefin Welsh for summery *
Heini Means sprightly **
Hopcyn The Welsh form of Hopkin **
Huw Welsh spelling of Hugh or possibly derived from the Welsh name Hywel ****
Huwcyn From Huw or Hywel *
Hywel Hywel Dda founder of Welsh laws ****

Iago Forms of James or Jacob *
Ianto From Ifan or Ieuan **
Idris From the mountain Cader Idris **
Idwal Meaning Welsh ruler *
Iestyn From the Latin name Jutinus ***
Ieuan Forms of John or Evan from Iohannes ****
Ifan Forms of John or Evan from Iohannes **
Ifor From a Welsh saint **
Ioan Forms of John or Evan from Iohannes ***
Iolo From Iorwerth ***
Iorath Form of Iorwerth **
Iorwerth Welsh form of Edward **
Irfon A river near Builth Wells *
Islwyn Mountain in Gwent **
Iwan Form of Ifan *****
Jac The Welsh form of Jack *****
Kyffin Anglicised form of Cyffin *
Lewys Welsh form of Louis or Lewis ***
Luc Welsh form of Luke **
Lyn Short form of Llewelyn/Llywelyn ****
Lleu From the Mabinogi meaning fair or light *
Llew Means Lion in Welsh form of Llywelyn/Llewelyn ***
Llion From Caerleon *
Ll^yr Welsh equivalent of the English name ‘Lear’ **
Llywelyn From Llyw meaning leader in Welsh ****
Llwyd Welsh name for grey and holy *

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