Welsh Boys Names M – W

Here is the our list of Welsh boy’s names starting with the letters M, N, O, P, R, S, T & W.

You’ll find boys name like MacsenMaredudd, Morgan, Owen, Tomas and much more. If you know of other Welsh names that we should include in our list post your comments at the bottom of this page.

Name Description Popularity
Mabon Celtic god of youth *
Macsen From the Latin Maximus ***
Madog Saint pupil of Dewi *
Maelog Can mean battle or prince *
Maelon In the tail of saint Dwynwen *
Maelor A part of Clwyd *
Mal Diminutive of the Welsh name Maldwyn **
Maldwyn Welsh version of Baldwin *
Marc Welsh version of Mark **
Maredudd Means great Lord ***
Martyn From the Latin Martinus ***
Medwyn A Welsh saint *
Meic Welsh male name for Mike **
Meilir Form of Meilyr *
Meilyr Early poet **
Meirion Grandson of Cunedda ***
Merion Name of part of Gwynedd *
Meredudd See Maredudd *
Merfyn Was the king of Gwynedd *
Meurig River in Ceredigion *
Mihangel The Welsh version of Michael *
Morgan From the Welsh words m^or(sea) or mawr (big) and can (bright) ****
Morlais River in Carmarthensire *
Morys From the Latin Mauricius *
Myrddin The Welsh version of Merlin *

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Niclas The Welsh version of Nicholas *
Ninian Welsh saint *
Nudd Welsh version of Nuada (fog) *
Osian Irish poet ****
Oswallt Welsh version of Oswald *
Owain Means well born old Celtic ****
Owen Variant of Owain ****
Pawl Welsh version of Paul *
Pedr Welsh version of Peter **
Pennant Place name Cwm Pennant *
Pryderi From the Mabinogion *
Prys From ap Rhys (son of Rhys) **
Phylip Welsh version of Philip *
Robat Welsh version of Robert *
Rodric From the German words hrothi and ricja **
Rhain Welsh for a lance or spear **
Rhion From rhi meaning king *
Rhisiart Welsh version of Richard **
Rhobat Version of Robat *
Rhodri Was the king of Gwynedd ****
Rhun From the tails of Taliesin *
Rhydian A Welsh saint ***
Rhys Was the name of a number of Welsh rulers. Anglicised to Rees *****
Samlet A Welsh saint *
Sawel Welsh form of Samuel *
Seimon Welsh version of Simon *
Selwyn Old English for friend ***
Seth From Hebrew *
Siarl Welsh version of Charles *
Siams Welsh boys name for James *
Si^on Welsh form of John ***
Sioni Version of Si^on **
Steffan Welsh form of Stephen ****
Taliesin A Welsh poet *
Tecwyn A Welsh saint ***
Teifion Variant of Teifi, the river in Aberteifi **
Teilo A Welsh saint *
Telor From the word telori to sing **
Terfel A variant of Derfel **
Tewdwr The Welsh name for Tudur *
Tomi The Welsh name for Tommy **
Tomos The Welsh version of Thomas ****
Trahaearn Means great iron *
Trefor One Meaning is from the Welsh words of tre (town) and m^or (sea) ***
Tristan A variation of the Welsh name Trystan ****
Trystan A mountain in Gwynedd ***
Tudful A Welsh saint and in the name of the town Merthyr Tudful *
Tudur Celtic name ***
Twm Short form of Tomos **
Watcyn Welsh version of the Flemish word Gwatcyn *
Wil Short form of Gwilym ****
Wmffre The Welsh name for Humphrey **
Wyn A version of Gwyn ****
Wynn A version of Gwyn (see Wyn) *

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