Welsh Name Owain

Discover the Meaning of the Welsh Name Owain

Owain is a Welsh boy’s names and it means ‘well born’ in the old Celtic language (from Eugene). Owain has been constantly popular name in Wales over the centuries and it can be found in our Top 10 Welsh Boy’s Names. Owen is a variant of the name Owain.

The most famous person with the name Owain was Owain Glyndŵr. He was a Welsh leader and battled against the English on a number of occasions. He was also the last Welshman to hold the title of the ‘Prince of Wales’. He even featured in Shakespeare’s Henry IV play as Owen Glendower.

The Welsh actor ‘Owain Yeoman’ is an example of another famous person with the name Owain. He currently stars in hit series ‘The Mentalist’.

If you are considering Owain as a baby’s name then see our list of Welsh boys names for other boys names and we also have some tools to help you choose a baby’s name.

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