Meaning and Origin of Rhain

The boy’s name Rhain is most popular amongst most Welsh speaking communities. It is a uncommon name for boys and the moment, not even making most top 1000 lists for baby names . It is of a Celtic/Welsh origin. The meaning of Rhain is “spear” or “lance”.

Famous People with the Name

Many kings and rulers have carried this name through history. Rhain ap Cadwgan was an 8th – century king of Dyfed and Brycheiniog. Another great King, Rhain ap Maredudd, was also a king in Dyfed who was succeeded by his brother Owain. Eventually Rhain ap Maredudd had a son, Triffyn, take over the throne from his uncle. His lineage is included in the Harleian Genealogies. There were also some rather interesting rulers. Rhain the Irishman claimed to be the son of Maredudd ap Owain and was accepted as royalty by the people, however, it is unknown if he was in fact relation.


In conclusion, Rhain is a strong name meaning “spear” and has been carried by many rulers in Welsh history. Although it is a rather uncommon name it is mostly used for boys in Welsh speaking communities.

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