Origin of the name Rhydian

The Rhydian name has Welsh origins. The alternate spelling of this name is Rhidian. The name in English means “red”. The adjective of the male name Rhydian is “crimson”. The synonym of the male names Rhydian and Rhidian is “coch”.

There is a place in the Gower near Swansea called Llanrhidian which bears the name of the Saint Rhidian.

Rhydian Meaning

Possible meanings of the name.

In Welsh “Rhyd” means from or of the ford. A ford is a great place to cross a river or stream. It is where the water is shallow enough to safely wade across.

Therefore, Rhydian means, red, crimson, expert of the ford in the English language. Rhydian also means resembling “coch” or red. The Welsh names Rhydian, Rhyd and Rhidian are originally for naming a male. The word “red” signifies passion, beauty, anger, fire and sacrifice.

Other meanings for the Rhydian meaning is one that has passion, one who sacrifices, and man that is handsome. These are the English meanings of the name Rhydian, which has Welsh beginnings and meaning.


Rhydian is not currently in the 100 most popular baby boys names in Wales according to data release by the UK government.

Famous People

Rhydian Roberts is a Welsh speaking baritone singer. He shot to fame after featuring on the television programme the X Factor in 2007.

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