The Boy’s Name Rhys

Rhys is a boy’s name that originates from Wales. Rhys is a popular first name and it can also be found as a surname. As a surname, it is more common to hear the anglicised versions of the name as in Rees, Reese, or even Rice. It has been reported that Rhys means enthusiasm.

Meaning and Origin of the Name

Rhys is a name that has strong historical routes in Wales. Rhys ap Griffydd was a man who ruled most of South Wales in the 12th century. His grandfather Rhys ap Tedwr was also a powerful man, the king of Deheubarth in the 11th century.

Popularity of Rhys

Rhys is a popular boys name in Wales. According to the Office of National Statistics in 2011, Rhys was the 14th most popular baby boy’s name in Wales.

Famous People with the Name Rhys

From the list below you can see that Rhys is a popular name in the celebrity world:

  • Rhys Ifans – A Welsh actor and musician. Played in the band Super Fury Animals and starred in hit films like Notting Hill and Harry Potter.
  • Griff Rhys Jones – A comedian and actor famous for his work with Mel Smith.
  • Rhys Darby – A comedian from New Zealand
  • Rhys Priestland – A Welsh international rugby player

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