Meaning and Origin of Steffan

Staffan although it is a popular name in Wales its meaning comes from German and Scandinavian origin and stands for crown and garland. Many say the Germans got the name Steffan from the Greeks. In Greek boys are named after Saint Steffan who was stoned to death. This Saint was a Christian martyr. This name was also name to kings in England, Serbia, and Poland. There were several popes throughout history with this name.

The English translation of this name is Stephen.


According to the National statistics the name Steffan was the 97th most popular Boys name in 2012 in Wales.

Famous People with the Name Steffan

Steffan meaning has a rich history. Some people name their children Steffan after some famous people with the same name. Steffan Rhodri is a film actor that has started in many Welsh produced films including Gavin and Stacey. He recently was in the Harry Potter movies. Steffan Andreas Piolet is an English sports player. He is a cricket player. Not only does he play this sport he is a bowler as well. These sports are very popular in Britain. The name Steffan is popular in this country and has been a popular name throughout history including in biblical times when Steffan was the first Christian martyr.

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