Meaning and Origin of Tecwyn

The name Tecwyn is a Welsh boy’s name that means “fair” and “white.” It dates back to at least the 6th century, for there was a Saint Tecwyn during that time. He had been the founder of the church in Llandecwyn, a village in the county Gwynedd (North Wales).

Tecwyn was supposedly one of the many sons of the Gaulish prince Ithel Hael. They were apparently all devout men who founded churches, for they all became saints. Tecwyn accompanied the abbot Cadfan, who was also eventually canonized, to Britain. Tecwyn is the patron saint of the village Llandecwyn.

In the 1990s, Tecwyn was the name of a character from a popular children’s show Tecwyn y Tractor, which was about a friendly and helpful tractor. The Welsh-language show was based on a series of stories written by Margiad Roberts. She was a Welsh farmer who originally wrote the stories to amuse her children.


Tecwyn is not a popular name even in Wales. In 2013, it was not in the top 100 baby boys’ names.

The popularity of Tecwyn is extremely low in the United States. It is the 412,723rd most popular name there. It is most common in Wisconsin and Florida, each of which has three people named Tecwyn.

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