Top Welsh Boys Names in 2015

The Top Welsh Boys’ Names in 2015

The most popular name for boys born in Wales in 2015 was Oliver with 375 recorded instances according to official government statistics. Coming in second place was the name Jacob with 309 recorded names for new births. Both Oliver and Jacob kept their top spots from the previous year as the top Welsh boys’ names in 2015.

Charlie was the third most popular name with a record of 266 boys being given that name. This name became more popular and moved up from its fifth spot as the most popular Welsh boys’ name in 2014. Number four was Jack, followed at number five by Noah. Both of these names saw their popularity for Welsh Boys names decrease by a single slot. 252 babies were named Jack while 248 were named Noah.

More Popular Welsh Boys’ Names in 2015

Highly traditional boys Welsh name Alfie was the sixth most popular boys name and increased by one spot with a total of 227 recorded instances. The name Oscar follows behind at number seven gaining three spots from being tenth in 2014. In 2015, 206 boys were recorded to be named Oscar in Wales. The name William saw its popularity decrease by two spots from sixth place to eighth place. 198 boys were recorded to be named William in 2015. A tie for 9th place between George and Harry completes the top ten most popular Welsh boys’ names in 2015 list. Both of these names had 197 recorded cases.

The Most Popular Names Originating From Wales

Also though the above names are popular in Wales they do not originate from Wales. See our list of the most popular name of Welsh origin here.