Top 100 Welsh Baby Names

Top 100 Welsh Baby Names

Looking for a Welsh baby name, then look no further.  Our Welsh boy names and Welsh girl’s names is the ultimate location for Welsh baby names and is a great place to find a great baby name for your little one.

Our site not only cover the most top 100 welsh baby names you will also find a good mix between popular as well as unique names. Because having the perfect name is that suits both you and your little is very important.

Every name has a meaning and a status. That is why you should understand the name of your choosing.

Some Welsh Baby Names to start with include:

See all our comprehensive list of boys’ names and their meaning and or jump here if you just wish to see the most popular welsh names

You will find baby girl names as well as baby boy names at our sister website Welsh girls’ names, here’s a taste of one or two names to start you thinking:

  • Alaw,
  • Rhian,
  • Bronwen,
  • Mari,
  • Lowri

Good luck with your search for a Welsh baby name!