Traditional Welsh Names

Traditional Welsh Names

There are a variety of traditional Welsh names that are quite common amoung those born into families of Welsh desent. The names Afon and Alun are still common among those born into families of Welsh descent. In addition, Baris and Maddox are other common names given to male babies of Welsh heritage.

Merry and Merlin are other traditional welsh names. Merry and Merlin seemed to have been experiencing somewhat of a comeback after not hearing these names for a number of years. Darren and Brody are two names with Welsh origin however, these names can also be common among Americans of other nationalities.

Male Welsh names are quite common in Wales and Great Britian. Like most names, behind every Welsh name there is some meaning or story that goes with the name. For example, the name Aled means “offspring” in Welsh.

The male name Alwyn was taken from the name of a river in Wales called the Alwyn River. The name Awstin is the Welsh version of the name Austin. The name Austin is quite popular among many nationalities.

The male name Braun means “Raven” in Welsh. Most people do know that a Raven is a particular type of bird which was featured in some popular Hollywood films such as Damien. The Raven has been associated with bad luck or some type of pending doom.

Not a common name by any standards however the male name Cadwalter is defiantly a Welsh male name. The name Cadwalter means “the leader of the battle”.

Male Welsh names are not names that we will commonly encounter in America. However, once in a while you will come across someone with an unusual name. Unusual names sometimes can have an interesting origin behind them.

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