Meaning of Trefor

The Trefor name has a Welsh origin that has a couple of different meanings. The meaning of Trefor is “large village,” or “goodly town.” The popularity of Trefor is not nearly as popular as it once was.

A common nickname for Trefor is Tref.


The name Trefor did not even rank in the top one thousand on the list of the most popular baby names and did not make the top 100 baby boys names in Wales in 2013. It is possible that if a parent were to name their child Trefor that it could make a comeback.

How to Pronounce Trefor

Trefor is pronounced as “T-re-for.” If you are saying the name Trefor, it sounds similar to the American name Trevor. Parents could use the name Trefor as a more unique spelling for Trevor.

Famous People with the Welsh Name

Several famous people have had the name Trefor. Trefor Davies, the English cricket player, Trefor Evans, a Welsh rugby player, and Trefor Proud a famous make-up artist. Parents can use the name Trefor to incorporate an old world name into a newer world social scene. Using the name Trefor is a great way to ensure that your child has a very unique name that no one else will have.

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