Name Tristan

Tristan is a common Welsh boy’s name.

Tristan Name Meaning

The boy’s name Tristan is a variant of the name Trystan which was made famous by the tale of Trystan ac Esyllt.

Popularity of the Name

Tristan is a fashionable name and it is currently in the top 100 infant’s name in Wales as per the ONS (actually in 96th position in 2011).

Famous People with the First Name Tristan

We couldn’t find too many people in the public eye with the name Tristan. If you know of anyone who merits a mention, post your notes in the comment field.

  • Tristan Fry – a professional drummer who has worked with the Beatles, Frank Sinatra amongst others.
  • Tristan Jones – is an author who likes writes about sailing.
  • Tristan Manco – is an author and graphic designer.

Useful Resources

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