Information Regarding the name Tudur

Expecting parents who are looking to name their son Tudur name their boy after a possible variant of the name Theodore, likely Tewdwr. When examining the different, acceptable methods of writing this name, the name of Tudor seems to be most prevalent for obvious historical reasons mentioned in the second half of this article.

Meaning of Tudur

The root meaning of Tudur is derived from the words for “king,” “tribe,” “power,” and “people”.


Those parents who are curious about the popularity of Tudur as a boy’s name are cautioned that this name placed nowhere within the 100 most popular baby names mentioned in the most recent poll in 2013 taken by the government.

Famous People with the Name

Famous Individuals, Real or Fictional, With the Name of Tudur or Tudor

  • Tudur Phillips is a television personality from the Stwnsh children’s network.
  • Owain Tudor Jones is a Welsh footballer and went on to represent Wales in FIFA.
  • Sir Owen Tudor was a Welsh soldier who went on to start the Tudor lineage of nobility.
  • Tudor Vladimirescu was a Wallachian revolutionary of the 1800s.

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