Welsh Name Harri

Learn about the Welsh Names Harri

Harry is the most popular name in England at the moment, but what should you do if you are Welsh and you would still like to still call you baby boy Harry?

It simple, use the Welsh spelling of the name as many people in Wales are doing. In 2010 Harri was the 48th most popular name in Wales but with the popularity of the name in England it is highly likely it in now higher the 48th position.

Harri is not a new Welsh translation of the name Harry but it has been around for centuries for example the famous Harri Morgan, was the Welsh Admiral from Llanrumney in Cardiff he was a successful privateers in the 17th century.

Harri, can also be used as a surname as well as a first names as in Guto Harri who was a political correspondent for the BBC before he went on to work for News International.

Learn about the meaning about Harri and other Welsh boys names in our comprehensive list of Welsh boy’s names.

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