Meaning and Origin of the Name Wyn

Wyn is a boy Welsh name, and the name is derived from the name Gwyn, and so the meaning of Wyn is “white” and “blessed”.


The name Wyn was not in the top 100 baby boys names in Wales during in 2014 according the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Although Wyn is not currently in the top 100 baby names you’ll often find someone with Wyn as a middle name.

Variation in the Name

There are also a few spelling variants such as Wynn and Wynne.

Famous People Called Wyn

There are a few famous people called Wyn, such as: Alun Wyn Jones the Welsh international rugby player, Ieuan Wyn Jones the former Plaid Cymru leader and Wyn Calvin the Welsh Entertainer. Other popular people with this name include:

  • Wyn Roberts, a Welsh Conservative politician (Baron Roberts of Conwy )
  • Wyn Davies  a Welsh conductor
  • Wyn Cooper (an American poet)


A powerful name, Wyn has been used for many years and is a name that has been passed down in some Welsh families for generations, holding the legacy of great men, and this name comes with the hope that their son’s will be as great as their forefathers.

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